A pivotal moment in a woman’s life, peri-menopause begins the transition that is culminated with menopause.

Be curious, scared, anxious, wise, silly and above all, open hearted as we explore together this most maligned and least appreciated time of life. You will learn much to prepare you and sustain you through it all.

Abdominal Therapy Collective: The Basic Series


Come learn about your body, your uterus, your hormones and how to move into a new aspect of being in a body that bleeds, has bled and now will retain that sacred essence.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to live in their body with ease and prepare for the profoundly enriching rite of passage into menopause. The class is also a foundational start for those who have a professional interest in this field.

PLEASE NOTE: The May 22nd workshop is already sold out. There is a second Your Peri/Menopause workshop on July 31st. Get your tickets now to ensure your place in this enlivening offering!

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