“Bryn is a miracle worker, I always feel amazing and realigned after an appointment. And the environment she provides is so warm and welcoming. She is the best!”

-K.A., Los Angeles, CA

“Bryn is a natural healing Spirit. She always has been and it is truly a gift of giving. She has helped me recover from several major health issues, always empowering me to take care of my body and Spirit. She is amazing amazing amazing, and is practicing her gift with those fortunate to behold it.”

-D.W. Los Gatos, CA

“I’ve seen Bryn for a long time, and almost hesistate to review because I don’t want to make public my amazing secret!  Bryn is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with – period.  She has a knack for knowing precisely how much pressure is enough, and is so knowledgeable about the body that she knows exactly what’s causing a particular problem.  She is intuitive, professional, caring, and can transition seamlessly from light to very deep pressure – whatever you need.  I highly recommend Bryn!”

-L.E., Los Gatos, CA

“In the thirty plus years that I have been a  connoisseur of professional bodywork, I have had none so fine as those that Bryn has given me. Her skill, her caring and her intuitive knowledge of just where to go and what type and strength and depth of touch is needed to coax the pain and stress and negativity out of my muscles is simply amazing. She is amazing. I drive all the way from Sonoma County to see her, and always leave  relaxed, peaceful and so very glad that I  made the drive.”

-L.W., Petaluma, CA

“I would highly recommend Bryn for anyone who was seeking a compassionate & caring healer/bodyworker. She is very intuitive in her practice & is willing to think “outside of the box” for each client in tending to their unique needs. To find this in our current society is a gold mine indeed! Bryn is continually expanding her bank of knowledge to facilitate her different modalities of healing including many types of bodywork, Maya Abdominal Massage, & Herbal supplementations.” July 1, 2008.

-P.H., Old Shasta, CA

“Bryn is an excellent LMT. Her expertise, dedication and care give a unique experience that is very relaxing. Her “warm stone” is one of a kind not to be missed.”

-S.D., Paris, France

“Bryn is one of the finest massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She approaches her work with a great deal of skill, experience and presence. She is the only massage therapist who was able to provide me relief for my hip pain because of her expertise with Mayan Abdominal Massage and her willingness to do very deep tissue massage into the hip and pelvic area. I give her my highest recommendation.”

-M.A. Los Gatos, CA

“Bryn is highly effective as a massage therapist, but more than that she is also a warm, caring person. She is highly knowledgable regarding every aspect of her field. I have recommended several of my friends and family members to Bryn and will continue to do so.”

- J.U., Redwood City, CA